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Andrew Beattie

Considerations When Carrying Out Alterations To A Leasehold Property

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The question which is often asked by tenants is why they must obtain consent to carry out alterations to a leasehold property. Ultimately the answer to this rests in the lease which will determine the relationship between the landlord and the tenant...

Shortcomings Of Bank Guarantees For Tenants

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Although a bank guarantee may be thought of as being an attractive form of security for a tenant to provide to a landlord, primarily because of the covenant strength of the guarantor, there are often significant shortcomings in this type of security. Bank...

Protecting Empty Rates Relief For Landlords

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A survey carried out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors of their members found that 92% of respondents viewed business rates as a barrier to town centre regeneration and 89% thought that business rates were restrictive to overall economic...

Complying With Vacant Possession When Exercising The Break Clause In A Lease

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When negotiating a lease it is strategically beneficial for the tenant to have a break clause. If a landlord offers a break clause he will often try to fetter the tenant’s ability to exercise the break clause by including as many conditions as...

Has Residential Investment Property Been Taxed Too Much?

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Following the recent budget it is now clear that there will be no relief from higher rates of residential SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) available for institutional investors. This is leading many parties to think that residential investment...

Q & A On How To Deal With A Dilapidations Claim

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What Are Dilapidations? Dilapidations are a damages payment to a Landlord of commercial property for the repair and ‘making good‘ of defects which have occurred during a Tenant’s occupation. Whilst all leases contain...