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Calum Dickson

Do You Have Nightmare Neighbours?

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The recent case of Dickinson & Anor v Cassillas 2017 provides a much needed reminder that the decisions and behaviour of the parties involved in a neighbour dispute are too often controlled by their feelings of animosity towards one another. This...

What To Do About A Dispute Over Your Holiday Timeshare

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A timeshare is a holiday home shared by numerous consumers. Within a timeshare, consumers will pay fees toward the property in return for the exclusive use of the property at a certain time. The exclusive use of the property can either be for an agreed fixed...

Ilott v Mitson - Is The Principle of Testamentary Freedom Restored?

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The principle of testamentary freedom is a long standing feature of English law. Put simply, this means that a person who creates a Will has the right to leave their estate to anyone they wish to do so. Although there are many ways in which the validity of...

The Pros & Cons Of Allowing Pets In Rented Properties

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The right for tenants to keep pets in a rented property ultimately rests on the terms negotiated and agreed to in the landlord and tenant agreement. However, recent figures suggest it may be time that landlords relaxed their approach on this issue. The PFMA...