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Joanne Tillotson

Who Will Take Care Of My Children When I'm Gone?

  • Posted

Watching our children grow into adults and them flying the nest is something that we take for granted. For others, the heart-breaking and unthinkable happens, dying when your children are young or infants. Although most will not have to deal with this heart...

Am I Too Young To Make A Will?

  • Posted

It has been reported that the younger generation are not managing their affairs or taking the subject of making a Will seriously. According to Prosperitas Financial Solutions " 87% of under 35’s do not have a...

Your Digital Afterlife - Let Us Help You Get It In Order

  • Posted

“I must put my affairs in order ” ... is a common and traditional phrase. It conjures up an image of that all important box, containing vital paperwork about one’s finances and personal affairs, all prepared safe and...

Giving A Charity Gift For Christmas

  • Posted

It’s that time of year again - trying to think of that special gift for that special someone, endless shopping trips and wrapping presents, that little box with a red bow. It’s an exciting time of year where we show our loved ones how much...

Do I Really Need To Think About My Own Funeral?

  • Posted

It is one of life’s taboo subjects, thinking about our own demise. Many of us prefer to put this to the back of minds which is completely normal. However, if we never discuss such things like funerals with family or close ones, how will your nearest...

Making A Will On A Second Marriage - Right Of Residency

  • Posted

Today’s society is very different to a generation or so ago and many of us have children from previous marriages and relationships. Have you considered how you will provide for your children when you die but also ensure that your new...