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John Ellwood

"Why Is My Solicitor So Nosey?"

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Do you feel your solicitor is being too nosey? Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm Partner John Ellwood offers enlightenment on the question... “Solicitors are inherently nosey. They are always poking into people’s...

What Happens If You Cheat In A Casino? Who Says It Is Dishonest?

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The highest court in the land - namely the Supreme Court - has made a landmark decision on what many would regard as a strange set of circumstances says John Ellwood , a Partner at our North east firm. Until relatively recently any form of gambling was...

Why Has My DNA Been Found On A Murder Weapon I Didn't Touch?

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In order to answer the above question you have to in effect ask two further questions Is it certain that the sample found actually contains my DNA? and; If it does, how did it get there? ...