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Matthew Smith

An Introduction To GDPR

  • Posted

With the implementation of the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) fast approaching, we have produced a series of articles which will set out key elements of the new regulation in bite-size detail. This first instalment...

The NDA: Protecting Your Confidential Information Without Stifling Potential Commercial Opportunities

  • Posted

For many businesses one, if not the key, asset is some degree of knowledge or confidential information. Whether that is the mechanics of a unique selling point or a list of customer information, it may still represent a significant proportion of a...

Top Tips For Buying Into A Brand With A Franchise

  • Posted

2015 saw a demoralising downturn for industry in the North East and sadly, 2016 looks like it might follow that trend with further redundancies mooted in our region and subsequently, unemployment figures expected to rise. However, in economically trying...

People With Significant Control - Is Your Business Compliant?

  • Posted

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (SBEE 2015) is now in force with the remit of creating a greater sense of corporate transparency, making companies more accountable and also making it easier to determine who actually runs, controls...

Cyber Crime: Is Your Business Secure?

  • Posted

Following last year’s headline-grabbing Talk Talk data breach and with many commentators predicting that cyber crime is set to overtake physical crime in the UK in 2016, the issue of cyber security needs to be high on the agenda of all organisations,...

The Future of Data Protection: Make Sure Your Business Is One Step Ahead

  • Posted

Technology moves quickly. So quickly, that it is often difficult for both legislation and businesses to keep up with the rapidity of the ever evolving technological frontier. Data protection is one area that has been under particular scrutiny in the modern...