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Michael Stevens

Buying An Insolvent Business - Considerations On Both Sides Of The Coin

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Whenever a corporate acquisition takes place there are numerous considerations for the buyer and seller to take into account and mitigating and allocating risk is usually the primary focus. However, when acquiring a business subject to formal insolvency...

Terms & Conditions: Why A Business Needs Them & Should Update Regularly

  • Posted

Consumers today are savvier than ever before, and the majority of people will be aware of the basic rules surrounding defective goods and what their rights are to return such items and obtain a refund. However, are those rights the same when purchasing...

Top Tips For Landlords & Tenants - Exercising A Tenant's Break Clause

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When negotiating a commercial lease (especially one of any significant length) it is quite common that the tenant will want an option to break the lease. These options will quite often be at agreed periods during the contractual term of the lease and provide...

What Is Wrongful Trading & How It Affects Company Directors?

  • Posted

As you are no doubt aware, the recent economic recession put an enormous strain on small to medium enterprises all over the UK. Unfortunately, many companies were not able to survive but, through excellent business management and hard work, a lot of them...

The Rise & Fall Of The Phoenix Company

  • Posted

When a company goes bust it is never a pleasant experience for those involved. The lead up to the liquidation of a company can be incredibly stressful and worrying for the directors and the liquidation itself can be a lengthy process with many issues along...

What Should A Tenant Look Out For In Their Terms & Conditions?

  • Posted

Terms and Conditions or Heads of Terms as they are legally known as for a new lease are usually negotiated between the Tenant and Landlord before property lawyers are involved. By the time the lawyers becomes involved both parties are...