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Nicola Dalzell

Power of Attorney Refund Scheme - Are You Eligible To Claim?

  • Posted

You may have heard the recent announcement that the Office of the Public Guardian (‘OPG’) is issuing partial refunds to those who have applied to register a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney in the past four years. If you have registered a...

Five Important Things To Do After Someone Dies

  • Posted

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time and working out what needs to be done is overwhelming. My five-point checklist covers the immediate steps to be taken when someone dies. ...

Protecting Your Business From The Unexpected

  • Posted

Disruption to travel hit the headlines several times in 2015 and in light of this I would recommend that business owners, especially those who run SMEs, ensure they are prepared for travel disruptions with a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). This will enable...

What Happens To Our Digital Assets & Online Accounts When We Die?

  • Posted

In today’s digital world how many of us have digital assets and online accounts? We are encouraged to manage our accounts online and it is often cost effective for us to do so as many service providers charge extra for paper billing. You may...

Can You Put Your Dog In Your Will?

  • Posted

From 6th April next year it will be a legal requirement to have your dog micro-chipped in England. It is expected that Wales will follow suit later in the Spring. Many animal charities have announced that micro-chipping will be offered free of charge...