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Peter Jackson

An Overview Of Global Economic Activity & Valuations

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For the first time in a while, we seem to have some degree of reasonable and synchronised growth in all geographic and sectors of the world economy. The US and Canada, continental Europe, Asia (including China, India and Japan) along with many emerging...

Peter Jackson Explains The Stock Market

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Global stock and bond markets have had a good twelve months and many of them are at all time highs. From here, will they go higher or will there be falls or a correction? In stockmarket parlance, a correction is generally considered to be a pullback of 10%...

We Take A Look At President Trump & His Policies

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Why have the US (and other) stock markets gone up since the election against all odds? Markets can be very fickle. The rise since the US election day has taken nearly all pundits by surprise. In the cold light of day investors woke up and first of...

How OPEC Affects The Oil Price & Some Consequences.

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As I am sure you are aware, OPEC met at the end of November and, led by Saudi Arabia, has agreed to cuts in oil production. Certain non – OPEC countries such as Russia (which is up there with the US and Saudi Arabia, as the world’s largest...

Is It The End Of The Road For Quantitative Easing?

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In early August, in response to fears of a slowdown or a possible mild technical recession in the UK because of Brexit, the Bank of England cut interest rates from 0.5%, where they had been for seven years, to 0.25%. In addition, the bank announced an extra...

Interest Rates - Lower For Even Longer

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Bank of England base rates here in the UK are likely to stay “lower for longer”, as the phrase goes. Indeed, they are likely to be unchanged at 0.5% in this calendar year and market expectations on balance are now for a reduction. Interest rates...