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Shamin Ali

Divorce Season? How Christmas Can Cause Family Stress

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Shakin' Stevens famously declared Christmas as the season of "love and understanding" , and in most cases that is true. It is not always rosy however, as Tilly Bailey & Irvine's Private Family Law Solicitor Shamin Ali ...

What Is A Maintenance Pending Suit?

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I have had to deal with a number of these applications and thought it would be useful to explain what a Maintenance Pending Suit is and the purpose of such an application. This application falls under the Matrimonial Causes Act section 22 1973 and is made...

How To Legally End A Civil Partnership

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“Don’t say the relationship is over, say it’s complete. Some aren’t meant to last together” - The Soul School. Any relationship breakdown is difficult and can be hard to deal with. A Civil Partnership is a...