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Sylvia Taylor

Wrong Site Surgery & Other Never Events

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The NHS describes Never Events as ‘serious incidents that are entirely preventable as guidance, or safety recommendations providing strong systemic protective barriers, are available at a national level and should have been implemented by all...

How The Misdiagnosis Of A Fracture Can Lead To Medical Negligence Compensation

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The scaphoid is one of the bones located at the base of the thumb. A fracture of the scaphoid bone usually occurs as a result of a fall onto an outstretched hand. The usual medical procedure is to examine the wrist and hand. In all wrist...

Hospital Misdiagnosis Of Foot & Ankle Fractures

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Foot and ankle injuries are a common place reason for attending the Accident and Emergency Department or Minor Injuries Unit. The Ottawa Ankle and Foot Rules were devised to determine when x-rays are required. An ankle x-ray should be performed...

How To Make Sure You Don't Need To Claim For Failed Sterilisation

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Until recently failed sterilisation was responsible for more litigation than any other gynaecological procedure. Although this is no longer the case, claims for failed sterilisation are still not uncommon. There are various options open to women who...

Deaths By Failure To Diagnose Sepsis Continue To Make Headlines

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Deaths from failure to diagnose sepsis continue to make headlines. One of the main concerns appears to be the failure by the medical professional to recognise the symptoms. Sepsis, also referred to as blood poisoning or septicaemia, can be triggered...

Feeling The Pressure - Top Facts About Pressure Sores & Ulcers

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It is a surprising fact that 95% of pressure ulcers are avoidable. The most common scenario where pressure ulcers are likely to develop is where the person concerned has limited mobility, often due to illness or infirmity. The National Institute for...