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Supporting families in care homes during coronavirus crisis

During the Covid-19 pandemic it is important to keep in contact with your family and loved ones. That includes those in care homes, and Tilly Bailey & Irvine explain how you can further support them.

The Coronavirus crisis is a worrying and difficult time for everyone. It is a time when you most want to see your loved ones to make sure they are safe and well.

We are all required to follow the Government guidance and therefore visiting family members who are in a residential or nursing care home is not permitted at this time.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine are experts in supporting families, providing legal advice and assistance to those who have loves ones in care.

What measures should be in place to safeguard those in care during the Coronavirus crisis?

Public Health England has published guidance for residential and nursing care homes. The guidance includes the following measures:

  • To minimise the risk of passing on the virus, care home providers should stop all visits from friends and family.  Medical staff and delivery couriers are permitted but they should be asked to use hand sanitiser to wash their hands as soon as they enter the premises, which should be made available by the care home. 
  • Care homes are not expected to have dedicated isolation facilities but should follow isolation guidance when a resident displays virus symptoms. A resident’s room can be used for isolation, preferably single rooms with en suite facilities.
  • All staff should be trained in hand hygiene.
  • Where a resident has symptoms, staff should wear personal protective equipment for those activities that bring them into close personal contact. Aprons, gloves and fluid repellent surgical masks should be used in these situations. If there is a risk of splashing, then eye protection should be worn.
  • New personal protective equipment should be used for every episode of care.
  • Care home members of staff are required to self isolate, if they consider they have coronavirus symptoms. They should not visit the care home, or care for residents, until it is safe to do so and they must follow NHS guidance.
  • Touched surfaces should be frequently cleaned.

How will I know if these measures are being followed?

Stay in regular contact with your loved one over the telephone, if possible.

Enquire about personal care, including any changes in care. Keep a note, including dates. Speak to the Manager of the Care home to learn of any updates and keep in touch with those you wish.

We are happy to offer you advice and support during these difficult times. Contact our north east specialists on 01429 264101 or fill in our online enquiry form.