Grievance, Disciplinary & Dismissals

Going through any disciplinary or grievance process without the correct legal advice, is often the first and most fatal flaw in claims received by employers.

The ACAS Code of Practice provides essential basic guidance for employers, but the case law in the area is vast and additional guidance is easy to miss without expert advice.


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Grievance Procedures

Employees who are unhappy should first raise issues with you as their employer using your grievance procedure. This can also be a warning that an employee maybe contemplating a constructive dismissal claim, so advice is recommended as soon as possible.

Disciplinary Procedures

Taking staff through a disciplinary process can be as nerve wracking for the employers as it is for staff. Early advice will always help to avoid breaching procedure and leaving yourself open to claims.


Terminating employment can be a very stressful for employers, and in many cases, employers feel that they can't dismiss staff when they should. Having a pragmatic lawyer on side makes all the difference in confidently bringing an employment relationship to an end without any liability and making an error, which could lead to a costly unfair dismissal claim.

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