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Housing & Debt

Tilly Bailey & Irvine has a dedicated team providing advice and support to anyone worried about issues concerning;

  • Housing matters
  • Repossession or eviction - – If your landlord has issued you with a notice of intention to seek possession.  If you have received a court date for you to attend a possession hearing, we could help you stop the possession taking place and attend court with you/on your behalf. Or if you have been unable to keep to the terms of a court order and your landlord instructed the Bailiffs to evict you. Has your landlord issued you with a notice seeking possession on the grounds of anti social behaviour, because of actions of yourself, members of your family or visitors to your home?  We may be able to help you
  • Harassment from a landlord/neighbours - is your quiet enjoyment being spoilt by nuisance neighbours making threats to harm you or are visitors to neighbours houses harassing and intimidating you? 
  • Housing disrepair issues - this is only available under legal help if the disrepair issue is a risk to life and seriously affecting your health.
  • Housing allocation
  • Debt- if referred by Government Gateway Service
  • Court procedures


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If you are a tenant facing a problem concerning a housing matter, then do not worry alone.  Our  team can offer legal advice should you be facing homelessness, repossession or eviction.  We can help with matters concerning serious housing disrepair or harassment from a landlord and also deal with cases where the council may be taking action against you because of anti-social behaviour.  Do not be put off seeking advice due to concerns over legal fees, for legal aid help is available to those that qualify, for the majority of housing matters.


When people are affected by debt they sometimes don’t know where to turn and feel pressurised by creditors into paying more than they can afford. They do not know their legal rights and may be persuaded to contact companies who offer debt advice but who often offer consolidated loans with huge interest costs and management fees.

Our team can offer specialist legal advice if you are having a problem with mortgage arrears, council tax payments, household bills, paying bank loans or credit and store cards. We can help you manage your debt, negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and advise you about Court procedures, bankruptcy and bailiff visits.  We have  introduced a competitive fixed fee option. Legal aid may be available if you are referred by the Community Legal Aid Gateway.

Welfare Benefit Appeals

Due to a change in law on 1st April 2015,  legal aid is no longer available to help with appeals against a decision on welfare benefits.  For that reason we  have introduced a competitive fixed fee option to take on appeals against welfare decisions, enabling you to take a matter forward without breaking the bank.