Care Home Fee Claims

People who have paid for care may be paying fees that should be funded by the NHS. 

The NHS may pay the full cost of care if the primary reason a person is in a care home is because of physical or mental ill health needs.  Currently the Department of Health national guidelines on who qualifies are subject to interpretation by individual NHS trusts, which can be seen to be an unfair and subjective system.


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Autumn 2012 was widely publicised as the deadline date for claiming back any care home costs dating back to 2004.  However, although this deadline has passed, many people are not aware that there is now an annual deadline set for claiming back costs.  Claims must be made before the Government’s deadline, which is set at the end of March each year for claims to be received for the recovery of care home costs for the previous year.  The average value of each claim is around £25,000, with some claims being worth up to £40,000.

If you have paid for care home fees in the last retrospective year you may be entitled to reclaim those fees back from the NHS if the primary reason for care was due to physical or mental health needs.  Even if the person the claim relates to is no longer alive, the family could be entitled to reclaim the money spent on the care home fees.  The important thing is to submit any claim before the end of March.

If you believe that you or a member of your family are currently funding care costs and may be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare because the primary need for care is due to nursing or health care needs, then please get in touch for help from one of our experts today.  Tilly Bailey & Irvine’s specialist team will guide you through the whole process starting with the required assessment to find out if a person is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare and can also help you with your right to appeal if a previous assessment has been refused.

Please Note: We Are Not Able To Process Any Claims For Fees Paid Between 01/04/2011-31/03/2012 But Can Deal With Claims For Any Fees Paid From 31/03/2012 Onwards.

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