Child arrangement Orders

Child Arrangement Orders

If there are children involved, the main priority is to agree where they will live and how their time is to be shared between you and your former partner. We understand that it can be difficult to reach agreement and we deal with this sensitively, avoiding the further upset and acrimony and making sure that the children’s welfare remains the priority at all times. 

We recognise that disputes involving children can be particularly emotive and we have significant expertise to guide you through reaching agreements outside of court proceedings but also the expertise and knowledge to assist you if court proceedings become necessary.

Family Law specialists

We aim to take a practical yet tactful approach to legal issues involving children, always aiming to put the child’s welfare at the centre of any work which we do.

When court proceedings become the only option, we have the experience needed to ensure that you are fully supported throughout the process and that the welfare of your children remains paramount. Further, our specialist lawyers’ knowledge and expertise extends to more complex issues arising where there are allegations of domestic abuse or where a parent seeks to remove a child permanently inside and outside of the UK.”

Family Law Solicitors
How can Tilly Bailey & Irvine help?

How can we help?

Needing the advice of a solicitor can be daunting, especially when it involves your family. You need the advice and expertise of a trusted team to guide you through your case, offering a helping hand and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. Our team are here to help. 

The Private Family Law Team provide a range of expert lawyers who can give the right level of support for the issues involved in and at a cost appropriate to the issues in your case. 

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Arrangement Orders - Legal Aid

The legal aid family law team specialises in supporting you when difficulties arise in your relationships and include separation/divorce, financial settlements, plans for your children or children within your family, protection from domestic abuse, and advice when social services have raised concerns regarding your children.

We have specialist lawyers in these and other areas of family law to ensure a high quality of service is delivered with care and understanding. This includes members of specialist panels approved by the Law Society.

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Arrangement Orders - Legal Aid