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Have You Had A Deafness Claim With Isaac Abraham Solicitors?

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The SRA  ( Solicitors Regulation Authority) intervened in the practice of Isaac Abraham Solicitors in August of this year, and immediately suspended the practising certificate of one of its partners, Safina Shah. 

Although the firm is based in the North West of England, this has affected a lot of local people. Isaac Abraham were involved in some hearing test clinics held in the Grand Hotel in Hartlepool and as such have represented a number of people from the town and surrounding areas.

It has come to light that there have been problems with a number of deafness claims being dealt with by the firm. In some cases where proceedings have been issued the Court has stayed them (effectively put them on hold) to enable the Claimants to seek alternative legal advice.  However, some claims have already been struck out with Claimants having received costs orders against them in favour of their former employers to whom claims had been intimated.

Any Claimants who believe they have had ongoing deafness claims with Isaac Abraham Solicitors need to seek alternative legal advice as soon as possible.  There may have been orders made against them without their knowledge and it is important therefore that they have another firm obtain their file with a view to advising them as to how they can proceed and what remedy they have if any, which may be against Isaac Abraham Solicitors.

Our Personal Injury Team is already dealing with a number of these matters and would welcome any further enquiries.