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Tilly Bailey & Irvine's North East-based divorce solicitors and Private Family advisors offer you an experienced, trustworthy arm by your side to solve your finances in the divorce process.

When married couples separate, it can have a devastating emotional impact on both parties and it is necessary to consider the financial needs of both spouses and the children. No case is ever the same and therefore no two cases will settle in identical terms, however, we will take the time to understand each situation, tailoring an approach that is specific to you.

Divorce and separation issues are sensitive, complex and often painful.  Anyone who has been through separation or divorce will know it can be a difficult time with the consequences far reaching, particularly when there are children involved. 

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We appreciate the various problems which can arise on the breakdown of a relationship. Our experienced team will work with you to identify early on what the main issues are likely to be in your case and how they may be resolved.

Our team is compassionate and will apply their extensive experience and knowledge to your situation to help you reach solutions that are right for you and your family.

Specialising in family law means our team can work with you to identify practical solutions and to deliver clear, cost-effective legal advice.  We will also talk through the options available and not just automatically go through the motions of a court-based approach.  We will explain the alternatives to a ‘traditional’ divorce, which could help you reach a more effective, tailored outcome.

Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances on 0333 444 4422 or fill in our online enquiry form to speak to our family law solicitors and legal experts.