What’s the process to become a Deputy?

Submit application: Once you submit a deputy application to the Court of Protection, the Court will then process your application.
Notify those involved: After the application is processed, you must notify the person the application is about, as well as anyone who needs to be kept informed, within 14 days of the issue date. If no one raises any objections, the Court of Protection sends the application to an Authorised Officer or a Judge for their consideration.
The Court will make a decision: Once the application has been considered, the Court will either make a deputy order to appoint you as the deputy or send an interim order. This order is usually to ask you to provide more evidence where needed on your application.

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What does the Court of Protection do?

The Court of Protection has the power to appoint people to manage your affairs if you become mentally incapable and do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

The Court has the power to make other orders to decide issues for persons who are not mentally capable of making decisions for themselves such as:

  • Making a will
  • Making gifts
  • Tax planning

Are there any alternatives to the Court of Protection?

A better solution is, while you are fit and well, to appoint someone to look after your affairs. We strongly recommend clients to complete a Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure that all grounds are covered if the worst is to happen.

Your Deputy (usually a family member) will then be able to deal with your financial affairs, under the supervision of the Court of Protection. At Tilly Bailey & Irvine we have considerable experience applying for orders, appointing deputies, and dealing with the Court of Protection.

Court of Protection
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