Gall Bladder And Bile Duct Injury Claims

Gall Bladder and Bile Duct Injury Claims Solicitors

Our specialist clinical negligence lawyers have successfully secured significant settlements, for clients who have suffered from gallbladder surgery complications caused by the negligence of a health care provider.

We offer no win, no fee arrangements for our clients. Our solicitors are skilled in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and roundtable negotiation and will advise you fully on whether to accept any early offers of settlement which may be made to you.

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What is a bile duct injury?

The bile duct is a series of tubes going from the liver to the small intestines. Their job is to remove bile from the liver and gallbladder (which stores bile) and send it to the small intestines. The bile then helps digest the fats that come from food.

The gallbladder is often removed to relieve patients who are suffering from gallstones. Normal digestion is possible without the gallbladder. Bile will still reach the intestines; it just won’t be stored in the gallbladder along the way.

Damage to the bile duct can occur not only during gall bladder surgery, such as when gallstones are removed, but also during other surgery to the abdomen or liver.

What is a bile duct injury?
What can go wrong during gall bladder surgery?

What can go wrong during gall bladder surgery?

Occasionally, when the gallbladder is removed, a surgeon may damage the bile duct. Damage can be caused by a cut, burn or pinch.

There are other risks associated with gall bladder removal surgery, including:

  • allergic reaction to anaesthesia or other drugs
  • excessive bleeding
  • blood clots
  • damage to blood vessels
  • heart problems, such as rapid heart rate
  • infection
  • injury to the bile duct or small intestine
  • pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas

How to diagnose bile duct injury

A bile duct injury can be excruciatingly painful and even deadly if not treated correctly. 

Damage to the bile duct during surgery can cause complications including:

  • Haemorrhage
  • Infection
  • Bile leakage
  • Injury to the intestine, bowel, and blood vessels
  • Long term damage to the liver

If you have suffered a bile duct injury or complications following a gallbladder removal, it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible.

How to diagnose bile duct injury
How to claim compensation for a bile duct injury

How to claim compensation for a bile duct injury

Damage to the gall bladder during what should be a routine operation is becoming increasingly common. Even when cases are robustly contested by the surgeon’s defence, our team of medical negligence experts will confidently represent you so that justice is achieved.

We work closely with medical professionals to prove negligence and carefully document the long-term prognosis so we can ensure the compensation awarded takes everything into account and is at the maximum level possible.

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