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Selling a home

First things first, you put your house on the market for sale.

Whilst the house is on the market, you need to instruct a solicitor. Instructing a solicitor as early as possible can save weeks and ensure a quicker turnaround. You will be given a quotation for the legal fees. The quotation will also cover any third-party expenses (“disbursements”) payable on your behalf such as HM Land Registry fees etc.

Please use our online quote tool for an instant quote or call our conveyancing team directly on 0333 210 1101 

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What happens when you instruct us?

Once you are happy with the legal costs a file will be opened and you will be provided with a client care letter which states who will be dealing with your case and an explanation of the process and costs. Once you have returned the initial documentation, your legal advisor will issue the Contract of Sale to the buyer’s solicitor and the legal due diligence and investigation process will begin.

Rest assured no commitment will be made on your behalf at any time until you are absolutely happy with the whole transaction, and it is our desire this is affected without any undue concern to you.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine Conveyancing
Tilly Bailey & Irvine

The next steps

When the buyer’s legal due diligence and investigations are concluded, and the sale is ready to progress, we will advise you when we are in a position to exchange contracts. Upon your agreement to do so we would exchange contracts which ensures everyone is committed to the sale. At every step of the process your legal advisor will keep you informed so that you are fully aware of everything that is happening.

Following legal and physical completion, we will deal with post completion work such as final completion letters to your buyer’s solicitors and monitoring the discharge of any mortgages and secured debts.

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Buying and selling property is an exciting but stressful process, and you need the best legal team on your side to make the journey easier for you. To receive a quote from our Conveyancing team, or to speak about the services, give us a call or submit your enquiry via email to: conveyancingenquiries@tbilaw.co.uk

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