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When Do You Need A Notary Public?

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There are a relatively small number of Notaries Public in the north east of England. Throughout the country there are only about 900. Most unusually, in this firm we are very fortunate to have two Notaries.

Many people have no idea what a Notary Public is until they actually need one.  A Notary is a qualified lawyer, a membe of one of the three branches of the legal profession in the United Kingdom. The other two being solicitors and barristers. I am both a solicitor and a Notary.

As a solicitor I am authorised to deal with legal matters within England and Wales whereas as a Notary I can deal with legal matters involving foreign jurisdictions worldwide.

If you or your business are involved with legal matters in countries outside of England & Wales and there is documentation which needs to be provided, signed or authenticated, the likelihood is that you will be asked to make an appointment to see a Notary to deal with it.

That Is Where I Can Help You

I can guide you through the Notarial process and make sure the correct, completed documentation is sent on to the ultimate recipient wherever they are in the world. I can discuss what you need to do by telephone and respond quickly to time sensitive deadlines. I can also liaise with the foreign lawyers who are dealing with you where necessary.

The provision of commercial services for businesses engaged in international trade can include certifying identity documents for directors, completion of company powers of attorney, certifying Companies House documentation, authentication of qualifications for key personnel, authentication of events and execution of documents and arranging official translations of documentation.

I can ensure that any additional country specific requirements are fully satisfied to make sure the documentation will be acceptable in the receiving jurisdiction. I work closely with a London based, Consular Agent who can deal with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Embassies and Consulates for the legalisation of documents where required. I will be able to advise you when this will be necessary.

Many of my regular commercial Notarial clients who have business interests worldwide have shown incredible resilience in the face of very testing economic circumstances over the last several years. They have focussed attention on their strengths in fabrication, construction, engineering, logistics, production and the provision of specialist services both domestically and internationally. I have been able to see this first hand from my work with them which is incredibly encouraging.

If you would like any further information about Notarial matters, please contact Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors in Hartlepool and we will be very happy to assist.