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The Socially Networked Workplace

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Advising business leaders to stay up to date with developments in social media, including the introduction of live video streaming apps is part of a suite of seminars available at Tees Valley Business Summit on Wednesday, 8th July, at Teesside University.

Theresa Carling,  one of our Associate Solicitors and an expert in  Employment Law recommends that management checks that company social media policies reflect any trends and changes as the  arena continues to develop rapidly.

She said: “Social media seems to evolve daily.  The likelihood is that management isn’t used to having to adapt so quickly.  It’s a few years since companies have required social media policies and though many will have them in place, have they been updated since being brought in?”

During the seminar, Theresa will give examples of how people have misused social media in the workplace, how to prevent such occurrences and what actions can be taken if staff are in breach of company policy.

“Companies understand that they need to embrace social media and the many benefits it can bring.  However, with live video streaming apps now being used, such as Periscope or Meerkat, and new platforms arriving all the time, there are obvious risks to a business if its staff don’t have clear guidelines.  Innocently streaming video could have confidentiality implications and staff need to understand what is acceptable and what’s not.”

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