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Do I Really Need To Think About My Own Funeral?

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It is one of life’s taboo subjects, thinking about our own demise. Many of us prefer to put this to the back of minds which is completely normal.

However, if we never discuss such things like funerals with family or close ones, how will your nearest and dearest know what to do, whilst already dealing with their own  grief?  Having no idea about a person’s funeral wishes only adds more complications  and uncertainty at an already emotional time.

Here is a brief list of points you may wish to consider and discuss with your loved ones. This discussion will not only ensure your wishes are met but allows your loved ones to feel reassured they are making the right choice.

  1. Choosing to be buried, or cremated.  There are also alternative funerals such as woodland burials for the environmentally conscious, or leaving your body to scientific research.


  1. Do you want a  religious ceremony, a certain church or place of worship, a humanist service, or no service at all?


  1. Do you want flowers, no flowers, or a donation to a certain charity?


  1. Is there  a particular piece of music, reading or poems you would want ?


  1. Do you want guests to wear a certain colour; it is becoming increasingly common to steer away from the usual black dress code. 


  1. Do you want a formal wake afterwards at a local hotel, public house or a gathering at home or no wake at all?


  1. Do you want a particular  funeral undertakers to conduct the arrangements?


  1. If you choose cremation, you may wish to give instructions for where you wish your ashes to be scattered, such a favourite beauty spot.


  1. If you choose to be buried you may wish to discuss your wishes in regards to a headstone.  


  1. Finally, let your family know if you have a Will in place and who the executors are, as these are the people who are legally entitled to arrange the funeral.


One of the main  ways to ensure your wishes are met is to make a Will. You can then choose who you wish to responsible for carrying out your funeral wishes (the executors) and also give  full instructions regarding your funeral. Our  experienced  Wills & Probate Team can advise you and support you during this process.