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What Is Domestic Abuse?

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Domestic abuse covers a large number of behaviours including physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse and psychological abuse.It is estimated that in this country alone there is 4.9 million females who are victims of domestic abuse and 2.7 million male victims.

On average there are 35 domestic abuse incidents before a matter is reported to the police.

Our local police force has seen a recent surge in domestic violence reports with Middlesbrough having a 20% increase in reports in the last 12 months totaling almost 5000 a year (13 cases a day).

Domestic abuse needs to be taken very seriously as on average 7 women and 2 men are killed by their current or former partners every single month in England and Wales.

You do not have to live with domestic abuse; we and other organisations are here to help.

At Tilly Bailey & Irvine we have a number of domestic abuse specialists and there are a number of ways we can assist.


Obtaining a Non-Molestation Order

This is commonly referred to as an Injunction Order. It is an order of the court protecting the victim of domestic abuse from the behaviour of the abuser/perpetrator. Commonly it prevents them from:-

  1. Using or threatening violence against the victim.
  2. Intimidating, harassing or pestering the victim.
  3. Attending at the victim’s home or within the vicinity around the home.
  4. Communicating with the victim in anyway including via letter, telephone calls, email, social media or any other kind of communication.


Occupation Order

This is an order to regulate the use of the family home i.e. allowing the victim to remain in the home, possibly with any children of the relationship and excluding the abuser from the home.


Orders to Protect Children of the Family

We can help you obtain orders to protect any children of the family including Injunctions for the children, as outlined above, or emergency orders such as a Prohibited Steps Order under Section 8 of the Children Act which prevents one person, such as the abuser, removing the child from the other parent i.e. the victim, or indeed from the child’s school.


Further Support

We can assist you in ensuring that you have appropriate support not only from ourselves but also from refuge accommodation if you need a safe place to stay, we can put you in touch with one of the specialist organisations locally that assist you if you are in an abusive or dangerous relationship who offering ongoing support such as the Sanctuary Scheme, which adds additional security measures to your property to keep you safe, counselling, support for families through court processes and if Child Protection and Social Services are involved as a result of domestic abuse and specialist workers to deliver practical advise on housing, money, debt etc.

Emergency orders like those listed above can be obtained very quickly i.e. within 24 hours and most people are able to obtain Legal Aid, which we can apply for on your behalf, ensuring that you are kept safe.

As a result if you are experiencing domestic abuse or know someone who is and needs to be kept safe please contact a member of our Specialist Domestic Violence Team.


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