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In The Spotlight With Andy Preston & Fork In The Road

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We caught up with Andy Preston as he is busy getting ready to launch his latest venture; a charitable restaurant called 'Fork In the Road' situated in the heart of Middlesbrough. 


Tell Us About Fork In The Road – Where Did The Idea Come From?

I spent time visiting a recovery service’s rehab centre and I learned that the biggest challenge for people coming off the course was getting a job.  The idea of creating jobs and working with rehab services sprang from that point.

 What Have Been The Biggest Challenges So Far?

Getting a great job done very cheaply and quickly. I’m struggling but getting there…

 What Do You Hope To Achieve?

If we can help a few people a year to change their circumstances and become active and productive members of society then I’ll feel very proud.

What Did You Want To Be When You Were At School?

Nothing. I had no particular ambition. I always wanted to be richer than my parents though!

 What Was Your First Job?

I did a paper round for years and I used to cut neighbours’ lawns for a couple of quid.

What Job Would You Like To Have Other Than Your Own And Why?

I’m lucky enough to only do the things I want to do – so I don’t think I would swap places with anyone.

What Do You Love Most About Working In The North East?

It’s diverse. In one day recently I spent a couple of hours in Yarm which is Teesside’s version of Cheshire (all spray tans and expensive handbags) then 1.5 hours later I was up in the wild and beautiful Northumberland.

What Do You Love Most About Living In The North East?

Friends and family.  And the Boro!

What Do You Do In Your Down Time Away From The Office?

My favourite times each year are: skiing with friends and family, quiet dinners at home with friends, spending weeks in North Mallorca each summer and going to bed early after a busy day out with my wife and family. 

What’s Your Number One Piece Of Advice For Anyone In Business Or Wanting To Start Up?

Have a stated long term goal and every day take small and deliberate steps.


Work hard and be nice.



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