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How To Deal With Rare And Complex Personal Injury Claims?

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If you suffer what may be a 'less common' injury, it is important that your personal injury claim is dealt with by a solicitor with the right experience. Gemma Tunney explains how we do that at Tilly Bailey & Irvine.....

You would be forgiven for assuming that most personal injury claims involve whiplash, as this is often what is most reported in the media.

Here at Tilly Bailey and Irvine we pursue claims in relation to various injuries, ranging from noise-induced hearing loss to psychological injuries and everything in between.

We are experienced in pursuing claims where the injuries are less common and more unusual, such as electrocution and burns. If you are suffering from a less common injury, it is important to make sure that your solicitor has sufficient experience and resources to deal with rare injuries.

You should also bear in mind that something might seem relatively straightforward at the outset, however investigations may show that your injuries are more complex than first appeared. You may need a solicitor who is experienced in more complex matters.

Case Study

This is exactly what happened in the case of a young girl that we are currently instructed to act on behalf of.

The young girl’s mother approached Tilly Bailey & Irvine and explained that her daughter had attended a birthday party at a local play area and had put a glue canister, which had not been put away, in her mouth. She suffered oral chemical burns. 

What appeared to be a relatively straightforward claim quickly turned on its toes. As well as other issues, the young girl now suffers from a repeated sore throat and respiratory problems. The medical expert, instructed to prepare a report in this claim, identified that the adhesive contained a chemical which is harmful if swallowed and may cause respiratory irritation. The chemical is also suspected of causing genetic defects and cancer.

At Tilly Bailey and Irvine we were able to quickly identify that the young girl also needed to be assessed by other experts, such as a Paediatric Oncologist to assess the risk of her developing cancer. This ensures that she will be compensated for this risk and any other injuries which may not have been apparent at first glance. 

We are able to identify and instruct suitable experts in even the more unusual cases to ensure that our clients have appropriate medical evidence in support of their claim. Whilst it has not been easy to locate the necessary experts in this matter, we have not stopped until we have found experts who can assist.

If you have been putting off pursuing a personal injury claim because you fear that it may be too complex, please do not wait any longer.

Please contact the Personal Injury team at Tilly Bailey and Irvine on 01642 356412. We will be happy to discuss your claim and may be able to offer a No Win No Fee Agreement.