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In The Spotlight With Dave Broadbent From Begbies Traynor

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Tell us about your role at Begbies Traynor

With more than 20 years experience in the insolvency profession I’m passionate about supporting struggling SMEs and individuals. I specialise in small to medium-sized owner-managed businesses, using the experience and skills obtained from a number of years within the sector, as well as those gained from running my own company. Whether it’s a PAYE employee, a self-employed trader or a director of a limited company, I take pride in being able to find a number of solutions to a wide range of problems.


I’ve also ran a number of seminars in the region for individual firms of accountants and solicitors and for larger groups of professionals at their well-attended spring/autumn events.


What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

Apart from insolvency, one of my other great passions is football. Although I’m now too old to run around a pitch (as my daughters frequently remind me!), I would have loved to have had a career as a professional footballer – not only in the playing-side, but also in the tactics and skills of running of a team.

Although most people are disillusioned by the large amounts of money involved, I still believe it has a positive impact on many people’s lives and to become a part of the beautiful game would have to be the ultimate ‘alternative’ job.


Greatest  achievement?

“There’s a couple here – one was the successful completion of ‘The Million Metre Manic’, the small task of undertaking one hundred 10km runs in a year (i.e. a million metres).  Although my knees are now reminding me that it probably wasn’t a good idea, at the time, the amount of money raised for the local charities (as well as my general all-round fitness) made it well worth the effort.

“The second one is the creation, growth and sale of our former business, Broadbents Business Recovery Services Limited, within a five year period.  Although it was never our initial intention to sell within a short timescale, we became almost a victim of our own success, with the company growing exponentially year-on-year.  We are now benefiting from tremendous support from Begbies Traynor and we know that we can continue to provide the high quality of service to individuals and businesses within Yorkshire and the North East.


Biggest  mistake?

Easy one to answer – the biggest mistake I made was recently not spending enough time with my wife and two daughters. When you set out in any new venture, you put everything you have, financially, emotionally and physically, into making it a success.  Unfortunately, this often means that you neglect other important aspects of your life, and, having spoken to hundreds of business owners over the last twenty years, each one has stated a common mantra – ‘I wish I’d spent more time with my family’.

The whole purpose of joining Begbies Traynor was to obtain the support I needed to not only to ensure that I could maintain a high level of service quality to clients, but also that I would be able to spend more time with my family, particularly enjoying weekends and evenings with them.


What do you need to make life complete?

Difficult one – money’s never been a driving force for me and I’ve got all I need on the family-front, so my life is pretty much complete...


Why do you make a difference?

As I mentioned earlier, insolvency is one of my great passions and I’d like to hope that I’ve made a positive impact on those individuals and business owners that I have met and advised over the years.

I’m also hoping that I’ve made a difference to the insolvency sector in helping other professionals understand that there can be a number of positives from an insolvency process.



I hope I’m known as someone to turn to for sound business advice when the going gets tough.


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