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In the Spotlight With Sarah Carlton At Kinship

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Tell Us About Your Role At  Kinship

I am the creative director so I’m responsible for the majority of the design work that is produced by the company.

How Did The Business Start?

After attending CCAD and Teesside University I managed to secure a full time job working in the studio of a large printers. Starting my own company is something I had always wanted to do, so after a couple of years being employed I took the leap and went down the freelance route. It was then when I built up our client base and got busier each month that I formed into a limited company.

What Are The Biggest Challenges To Your Business?

As with all businesses, people paying on time can be challenging!

What Are Your Biggest Achievements For The Business?

When we had our first child a year ago my husband took 7.5 months of shared parental leave from his full time position so we could continue to build the business together. Since then we have grown so much that he is now working at KINSHIP full time. The thought that doing what I love has lead to us being the position of providing for our new family fills me with pride.

What Did You Want To Be When You Were At School?

I know it sounds cliché but I did actually want to be a graphic designer!

What Was Your First Job?

I stacked shelves at the Co-op then worked at Thorntons throughout university.


What Job Would You Like To Have Other Than Your Own And Why?

Something else creative, or to work with children.

What Do You Love Most About Working In The North East?

We are based in quite a small town so there is a quiet community feel but working with clients across the region means we can easily travel to busier, bustling cities for meetings – the best of both worlds.

What Do You Love Most About Living In The North East?

There are so many places to go and things to see! Especially for families.

What Do You Do In Your Down Time Away From The Office?

Spend time with Benn (our son) – we love to explore the parks and museums.

What’s Your Number One Piece Of Advice For Anyone In Business?

Keep at it. There will of course be many challenges but you never know what is around the corner so just keep going…


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