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In The Spotlight With Steve Gordon From Making Something Happen

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Tell Us About Your Role In Your Business

I was the founder, now I’m busy with scaling our work with schools and businesses. Social media is one of the biggest parts of what I do.

How Did The Business Start?

Young people aren’t failing, they’re being failed. That’s not a universal statement or specific to a sector by a long shot, but the frequency is alarming particularly in the North East.

I wanted to make a difference, the other guys wanted to make a difference too. (quick plug) TBI told me how to set it up to be compliant then we set off. Craig Malarkey was amazing for us.

The businesses that have supported us since the early days got us to where we are now and we owe them a lifetime of thanks.

What Are The Biggest Challenges To Your Business?

Time! We all either run businesses or have jobs (and we don’t pay any salaries or expenses to anyone, ever) so it’s super hard to do everything. I’m lucky because I can get by with very little sleep but I recognise not everyone can manufacture more hours in their day that way.

Our big challenge this year is dramatically increasing the number of schools we work with, which is hard because they’re not all using social media other than for outwards communication to parents. We rely on social media for a lot of our engagement for speed, reach and low operating cost.

What Are Your Biggest Achievements For the Business?

When we see the young people we work with winning. That’s actually all that matters.

What Did You Want To Be When You Were At School?

The headteacher of my school used to tell me I’d be lucky if I ever managed to get a job on the bins (seriously) so I didn’t have great ambitions. I was in a band for quite a while and really wanted to make a success of that, but I don’t remember wanting to be a famous musician - it would have been great to do that for a living.

What Was Your First Job?

First proper job was as the office gofer at my dad’s business - it sucked! But taught me loads and led to the opportunities to get me here.

What Job Would You Like To Have Other Than Your Own And Why? 

Easy - travel blogger.

What Do You Love Most About Working In the North East?

Three things. Pace; quality of life, and; the fact that it’s harder to win here, so we have fewer but better quality businesses and people in my opinion

What Do You Love Most About Living In The North East?

Can I say parmos? Wouldn’t everyone answer the same? I’m saying parmos

What Do You Do In Your Down Time Away From The Office?

I’m big on fitness, so running boxing and skateboarding. Other than that I spend time with people who get my energy up.

What’s Your Number One Piece Of Advice For Anyone In Business Or Wanting To Start Up?

Don’t wait until after you’ve eaten, after the game, until Monday or anything like that. Guess what - you’re never going to be ready. DO IT NOW.


I’ll probably outlive everyone I know, so it probably doesn’t matter.

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