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Tilly Bailey & Irvine Update: Conveyancing Matters

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Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors offers an update from its Conveyancing department on how your property matters will progress over the coming months.

In these difficult times it is important to know about good news.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine is open for work. The conveyancing department is progressing conveyancing transactions. We are taking on new business and are progressing current business. We have had to make some adjustments during this period. Obviously we cannot meet you face to face but we have systems in place which enable us to deal with conveyancing remotely. In fact most of our conveyancing transactions in ordinary times are dealt with remotely for client convenience.

Guidance changes every day and we are alert to the changes. Some people feel comfortable committing themselves to buying a house or selling a house during this difficult time and we can accommodate that. Some people want us to wait until the peak of the crisis is over and then be able to move quickly. We can accommodate that. We approach each case on a case-by-case basis.

The important thing during this time is to realise that this crisis is temporary and things will get back to normal, and when they do, we and our clients need to be in a position to react quickly.

Again it is obvious that during this hard time we have fewer staff working on files. This means that there may be a slowdown in our ability to respond to you. Please try to be patient.

You will have heard that some solicitors are closed and obviously this will have an effect on some transactions. You will also have heard that estate agents offices are closed but most are working remotely. That will have an effect on our transactions but it will not stop it.

Please do not panic, and instead work with us so that when this is over things can get back to normal quickly.