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Accidents At Work Case Studies

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Sometimes its difficult to understand what is classified as an 'Accident at Work' and when you can claim for something happening to you while at work. We asked the Personal Injury Team what had been some of their most recent successes for their clients and the results were very interesting.

  • A farm labourer who was 52 years old when he fell through a broken roof panel onto a concrete floor.  He sustained serious injuries including a fractured spine, pelvis, ribs and elbow.  He was also diagnosed with psychiatric injuries.  He was unable to return to work.  As well as negotiating a settlement of the Claimant’s claim, Tilly Bailey & Irvine arranged private rehabilitation treatment for him. His claim was eventually settled for £130,000.

  • The Claimant was employed by Tesco and was working in the warehouse when she fell from a ladder, sustaining fractures of her right wrist and elbow. Although liability was admitted by Tesco, it was not possible to agree a settlement figure that was acceptable to both parties.  Proceedings were therefore issued with a view to having the Court determine the amount of compensation payable by the Defendant.  However, after service of the proceedings the Defendant increased its offer and the matter was settled for £40,000.

  • The Claimant was working in Amsterdam as a cable puller. As he dismounted a ladder, he stood on a ratchet that had been discarded on the floor and injured his ankle. The ratchet had been discarded by another contractor working on the job. The Claimant was unable to work for some time as a result of his injuries and lost a considerable amount of wages. His claim was settled for £28,000.

  • The Claimant was using a dumper truck which tipped over, trapping him underneath it. He sustained serious injuries to his foot and ankle which required surgery. He was unable to return to his manual job and had to retrain. He had initially instructed the Union solicitors, but a few weeks before the three year limitation, they told him that they were not prepared to pursue the claim as they did not think it had good prospects of success.  Fortunately before abandoning the matter he sought advice from Tilly Bailey & Irvine. Limitation was imminent and proceedings had to be issued, but ultimately the claim was settled for £90,000. The Claimant was obviously very pleased that he had not simply accepted the word of the Union solicitors.

  • The Claimant was injured at work whilst carrying out a manual handling operation. He was operating a crane which was not fitted with pad racks and he had to manoeuvre the pads manually. He injured his back and although he tried to go back to work, he was unable to do so and had to take voluntary redundancy.  His employer denied liability for the accident but after issue of proceedings they settled the claim for £50,000. 


  •  We acted for a client following an accident which occurred during the course of his employment when he sustained an injury to his nose. He worked in a plant producing glass reinforced plastic vessels and whilst disposing of one of the vessels in a skip, the plastic sprung back and struck him on the nose.  He required manipulation of the nose under local anaesthetic but in the long term he was left with a small scar on the bridge of his nose and some septal deviation.  We recovered damages for him in the sum of £6,690 which included the cost of private surgery to correct the septum deviation


  • We acted for a client who fell down a drain, the cover of which was broken, while at work. She sprained her ankle and suffered a soft tissue injury to her hip, thigh and thumb.  Her symptoms recovered within 6 months but she developed symptoms of an adjustment disorder and aggravation of a pre-existing depression.  We managed to recover £7,000 for her.


  • Another client injured her back at work whilst using faulty equipment. We secured physiotherapy for her and she made a full recovery within 12 months.  We managed to recover for her the sum of £3,365.


  • A client  was electrocuted at work due to using faulty equipment.  She did not wish us to secure a medical report and we managed to agree a sum of £2,500 in relation to damages.

These are just a few examples of recent cases that had positive outcomes for our clients. Please get in touch if you have had an accident at work and you wish us to pursue a possible claim.


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