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Acid Attacks On The Rise

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There has been an increase in acid attacks reports in recent times. According to the Daily Mail, crime statistics show there were more than 450 such incidents in London alone last year with the number of attacks in the capital more than doubling since 2014. 

How does this compare to the North East? 

In July 2017 it was reported that Northumbria Police recorded 63 crimes which involved the perpetrator using acid or another corrosive substance in the last 30 months. In one instance, a 69 year old pensioner was attacked whilst asleep in her bed and as a result of her injuries she had to undergo skin grafts which left her with permanent scars to her arms, legs, body and face.  In another incident a victim was attacked on her 21st birthday whilst sat at a traffic light in a car with her cousin.  Again she suffered horrific injuries to her face and body which needed extensive skins grafts. 


Not only do victims of acid attacks suffer physically but often, due to the horrific nature of the attack itself, they suffer significant psychological harm. 


No amount of money will compensate such victims for the injuries that they have sustained.  However the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme provides limited compensation to victims in such circumstances.  Our team of specialist lawyers will use their expertise to recover the maximum amount of compensation recoverable under the government scheme.