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Claimant Awarded £250,000 For Complex Injuries

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Mr F of Stockton on Tees, was involved in a serious road traffic accident on 21st July 2011.  He was riding his motor bike when the driver of a car drove across his path causing a collision. He was thrown from his motor bike onto the road, landing on his right side.  He sustained serious injuries and was diagnosed with a severe fracture to the right shoulder. 

Mr F instructed me at our Stockton office. The Defendant admitted fault for the accident. Due to the severity and complex nature of injuries, Mr F required various operations and procedures over a number of years, and medical evidence was obtained from an Orthopaedic Consultant and Upper Limb Specialist to address his physical injuries and condition. 

His medical case is set out below:

He had surgery to reconstruct the ball joint with plates and pins. The fracture did not heal and so he underwent another operation in March 2012 to fuse the shoulder joint.  Following surgery, he was fitted with a Spica plaster cast which held his arm and shoulder in a fixed position.  He suffered with pain, numbness and pins and needles around the shoulder.  Mr F was given an ultrasound bone stimulator to encourage the bone to fuse.  


In August 2013, x-rays showed that the fusion had not healed and a third operation was recommended to refuse the shoulder, which was carried out in November 2013. Bone grafting was required. He endured another Spica plaster cast and continued using the bone stimulator. 


Mr F’s condition was monitored over a number of months. He noticed an increase in pain and the tingling in his fingers was getting worse.  Towards the end of 2014, it became apparent that the titanium plate in his upper arm had cracked.  Further investigations showed that the titanium plate had completely broken. 


In October 2015, Mr F underwent further surgery for the removal of the metal plate and tissue samples were taken to check for infection.  The results were positive and he required treatment for the infection before he could have further surgery on his shoulder.  He was admitted to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough  for two weeks and then discharged home with medication that he had to self administer three times a day, each dose taking at least an hour to administer.  The medication caused extreme tiredness.  In mid November he was advised to change medication as it was affecting his liver function.  Mr F developed a reaction to the new medication, starting with a swollen face which was red and sore.  The reaction then spread over the rest of his body and his skin was itchy and started peeling off. He was told to stop the medication and was given alternative medication to take orally.


He had his fourth operation on his shoulder in February 2016.  During surgery, a bone graft was taken from his right leg which was a vascularised bone graft, and this was put into his shoulder.  To date, the surgery has been a success.


Mr F successfully claimed £250,000.00 damages to compensate him for his serious injuries, loss of earnings, travel expenses, care claim, DIY claim, gardening claim and also losses that he would incur in the future.


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