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How Do I Make A Personal Injury Claim?

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An accident can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.  The injury sustained could be one that is either physical or psychological and in some instances can result in death.

At Tilly Bailey & Irvine we specialise in all areas of personal injury claims.  Examples of the typical claims that we handle on a daily basis include accidents at work, work related stress, illnesses caused by excessive exposure to noise or vibration, road traffic accidents, injury caused by faulty products and injuries caused by trips and slips.  We also deal with injuries caused by medical professionals when someone has suffered from unnecessary pain or worry as a result of failure to properly diagnose a condition or a procedure being performed negligently.

If a decision is made to claim compensation in relation to an injury the first step is to identify who is the party responsible for the injuries.  Is it an existing or former employer, a local authority, an occupier or the manufacturer of a product?

Having identified a culprit it is then necessary to consider the evidence that will be required to assist in proving the claim.  For example, in a tripping claim, what caused the trip?  It is always helpful to take a photograph of the defect that is responsible for the injury.  It is also useful to take some measurements of the defect.  In the case of faulty products it is necessary to ensure that the product is retained.  If an accident occurred at work it should be reported immediately to the employer so that an entry can be made in the Accident Book.  Other types of evidence that may assist in relation to a road traffic accident are contact details of witnesses, Police details and photographs of any damaged vehicles. 

Once liability is established in relation to a claim it is then necessary to secure evidence in relation to any financial losses.  It is therefore important that any receipts and documentary evidence are retained.  This could include, but is not limited to, wages slips, repair invoices, taxi receipts and physiotherapy invoices. 

When a solicitor is instructed it is always useful to provide him/her with as much of the documentation referred to as possible since it will assist the Solicitor in advising on the prospects of successfully pursuing a claim and ensures that all the appropriate financial losses are recovered. 

Suffered a Personal Injury? Why not try our new Personal Injury Calculator  in the first step to finding out more? We've designed it to quickly and easily tell you how much compensation you may be entitled to for a possible claim.Once the calculation is created you will receive it via email and you can opt for one of our Personal Injury Team specialists to call you back to discuss how we can progress.