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Bradbury Services Incident - Pothole Causing Vehicle Damage and Personal Injury

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The country has just experienced its second ‘Beast from the East’ leaving schools closed and people stranded on motorways.  Another effect of the cold weather has been an increase in the number of potholes appearing in the region’s roads, leaving local authorities struggling to keep up with repairs and damage to drivers’ cars.

SherReene Cheah, solicitor at Tilly Bailey & Irvine, has recently experienced her own incident with a pothole, while driving along the A689 leaving damage to her car and injury to herself.

SherReene comments:

“I was travelling along the A689 near Bradbury Services when I felt a huge bump and I knew that I had driven down a large hole. The vehicle in front of me also stopped and I noticed that there were a number of vehicles pulled over on the road.  I discovered that my car had two flat tyres and was therefore not driveable. It became apparent that all of the vehicles which were stopped there had been damaged by the pothole.”


“I rang the police and was told that they were already aware of the problem and that patrol cars were in the area.  I spoke to a policeman on the scene who informed me that there were 50 to 60 vehicles affected in total.  Crucially, the pothole had purportedly been repaired the day before however due to the weather, the repair was washed away. 


“As a result of this incident, I am suffering from stiffness in my neck, shoulder and back and my car is off the road. I will have an insurance policy excess to pay which is substantial and my premium will increase as a result of the claim.”


SherReene intends to submit a claim to the local council for personal injury, vehicle damage and financial losses incurred as a result of this incident.  If you see a pothole, you should report its location to the council concerned or Highways England

You may also want to contact our team of specialists in this area who can advise on a range of weather-related incidents, including any personal injury that you or your passengers may have sustained.