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Some Of Our Successful Personal Injury Claims Payouts

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Here in the Personal Injury Department we deal with a broad range of injury claims on behalf of our clients.  We have many types of case such as accidents at work, industrial disease, road traffic, criminal injuries, and public liability or occupiers’ liability cases such as where people fall in the street or are injured in private premises.  These types of claims can result in a variety of injuries with different levels of compensation.  Some cases are straightforward and will be resolved quickly whereas others are much more complex, either because of the legal issues involved or because the injuries are more severe and require more investigation.

Some of the cases we have recently resolved in the department are as follows:

  • We recovered damages for an elderly gentleman who had suffered injury due to exposure to asbestos many years earlier.  Unfortunately he now suffers from dementia which meant that we encountered a lot of difficulties in obtaining information from him about his former employment.  The Defendant insurers initially attempted to exploit this but we were able to overcome the difficulties and settle his claim obtaining compensation for him.


  • We have recently settled a claim for a lady who fell over in a shop as a result of some steps being left in an aisle whilst the shelves were being re-stocked.  The lady broke her foot and we secured compensation for her.


  • A manager of a fast food outlet slipped on a greasy floor and fell, banging his head and rendering himself unconscious.  He hit his elbow on the floor as he fell, fracturing the joint.  He was absent from work for six months as a result of his injuries and we recovered his loss of earnings as well as compensation for his injuries.


  • We have also recently recovered compensation for a gentleman who was in a Detention Centre in the 1970s when he was a child.  Whilst there he was subject to mental, physical and sexual abuse.  We obtained compensation for him in the sum of £27,000.


In the clinical negligence department, we recently settled a case against a hospital.  Our client took her baby son to hospital with classic symptoms of meningitis but he was misdiagnosed with gastroenteritis.  Unfortunately the baby died and we secured compensation for his mother in the sum of £15,000.

If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault and would like some advice, contact one of our specialist team.