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We Are Behind APIL's Can The Spam Campaign

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The majority of the public will have received texts, emails or telephone calls making enquiries about “their recent accident” (as well as PPI, bank charges and delayed flights!)

Unfortunately people who receive these calls and texts are often misled into believing that they are communicating with specialist solicitors. This will not be the case. Solicitors are not allowed to cold call potential clients. The initial contact will be from a Claims Management Company (CMC) who are not regulated to the extent that solicitors are. A lot of people would not be speaking with these people if they knew that they were nothing more than data collectors. Research carried out by the Financial Ombudsman Service found that most CMCs are unclear about how much they will charge a client, do not give information about cancellation rights and do not give adequate information about the claims process. If an injured party were speaking with a solicitor they would be provided proper information about these matters.

At Tilly Bailey & Irvine we would strongly recommend that anybody who has had an accident and wishes to be compensated should seek specialist advice from a solicitor. We provide an initial free interview and if the case is viable we offer a “No Win No Fee” arrangement. We do not believe that it is appropriate for injured parties to be plagued by texts and telephone calls from CMCs.

In order to stop them sending unwanted text messages and making unsolicited telephone calls, CMCs need to be reported. The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is currently running a campaign to try to stop the practice of sending unsolicited communications. We would suggest that if you receive such a communication you pass the details to APIL who will report it to the Information Commissioner on your behalf. 


Here is a link to the APIL campaign which includes details of how to make a report.


Please do not respond to spam phone calls and texts.  If you want advice about an injury come and see us!