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What Steps To Take If You Are Involved In A Tripping Accident

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If you have suffered an injury due to tripping over a defect on a public road or pavement, you may be entitled to claim compensation from your local Council.  If the area is privately owned, a claim can be pursued against the owner and/or occupier of the site.

Councils owe a duty to the public to inspect and maintain the public highways, which includes footpaths and roads. However, the Councils do not always get it right and may overlook dangerous defects or fail to carry out the necessary repairs within a reasonable time scale. 

Following an accident, there are important steps to remember:


  1. Identify immediately, or as soon as possible, what it was that caused you to fall/trip.


  1. Take photographs and measurements (length, width and depth) of what caused the fall/trip.


  1. Take names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who witnessed your accident or helped you after the accident.


  1. Contact us to report your accident as soon as possible.


It is particularly important to report the accident to us as soon as possible. 


We will arrange to take photographs and measurements of the defect and will then be able to assess the effectiveness of any alleged inspection system. 

We have successfully claimed compensation for many clients and continue to actively pursue  local Councils in relation to on going claims.  Here are some case studies:-


  1. Mrs T and Mrs H both tripped over the same defect in the road outside Debenhams, Stockton, within days of each other. The Council had inspected the accident location the day before Mrs T’s accident and 3 days before Mrs H’s accident but failed to pick up on the defect. We successfully argued  inspection was clearly inadequate. With our help, Mrs T received £3,000 for her fractured wrist and Mrs H received over £3,600 for her fractured arm and wrist.


  1. We successfully recovered £2,450 for Mrs N who tripped over a raised edge of a paving slab on Stockton High Street and suffered from injuries to her neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, leg and face.


  1. With our help, Mr M received £1,500 for injuries to his foot after falling over a hole at the edge of a grass verge.


If you have suffered an injury due to a defective road or pavement, do not delay in contacting our Personal Injury Team. We will be happy to discuss matters with you and may be able to offer a No Win No Fee Agreement.