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TBI's Injured Claimants Keep On Winning

Tilly Bailey & Irvine's staff has dealt with endless Personal Injury matters over time, and our North East Solicitors have continued to help clients claim back compensation. Kay Ditcham tells the full story....

Helen Elstob, Senior Associate Solicitor at our Stockton office, is one of our team of specialists who conducts claims for injured parties including those injured in road traffic accidents, people injured at work (including Claimants suffering from industrial diseases) and people who are injured as a result of clinical negligence.

Here are some of the details of compensation she has recently won for her clients.

Work Related Injury – Claimant received £50,000

The first client in question worked for SSI in Redcar and as part of his duties he was required to use a large, heavy torch.

It was four feet long, weight around 16 lbs and was difficult to manage. Employers really ought to limit the amount of time that any employee uses such tools, usually by rotating the jobs within a department. However, he was the only person able to do that particular job and so there was no rotation and he was using the torch for long periods of time on a frequent basis. 

As a result, he began to suffer from pain in his thumbs and eventually he was diagnosed with ulnar nerve compression. This type of condition usually limits what work a Claimant can do in the future, and in particular they will not normally be able to use power tools in their work. They are therefore entitled to damages for disadvantage on the labour market as well as for their pain and suffering. 

SSI initially denied liability, but after court proceedings were served upon them they eventually negotiated a settlement and the claimant received £50,000 in compensation.

Road Traffic Accident – Claimant received £35,000

Our second client was a passenger in a car, the driver of which lost control of the vehicle. She sustained significant injuries, including a fractured humerus and a fractured pelvis.

She also suffered from psychological symptoms, which is not uncommon following involvement in a serious accident. She received compensation of £35,000.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss – Claimant received £4000

Helen was instructed by a third claimant who had an ongoing claim for noise-induced hearing loss with Asons Law, a firm of solicitors who were subject of an intervention by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Asons had issued proceedings but had failed to comply with the Court timetable and therefore Helen had to make an urgent application to the Court to vary that timetable, otherwise there was a risk that her claim would be struck out. Fortunately, the Court agreed to amend the timetable and Helen was able to progress the claim.

Eventually, after negotiations, the Defendant made an offer to settle in the sum of £4000 which she accepted.

If you require legal advice in relation to a potential claim for injuries, please contact our specialist team.