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A Throwback To 1976 For Our Managing Partner John Hall

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John Hall, our former managing partner was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors on 1st April 1976 -  an amazing 40 years ago!

He has dedicated the last forty years of his working life to Tilly Bailey & Irvine and has done a tremendous job especially since he was appointed Managing Partner ten years ago.

Things have changed a bit since 1976 when John joined the firm. Back then a pint would cost 32p; a gallon of petrol would set you back 77p and a loaf of bread 19p.

John is a die hard Sunderland fan and 1976 was a good year to be a fan as they won the Second Division title going the whole season unbeaten at Roker Park.They had a record nineteen wins and two draws.

On the music front Brotherhood of Man was top of the charts on 1st April 1976 with the catchy ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ which also went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest later that year.

We saw Mike Baldwin grace the cobbles of Coronation Street for the first time and the film Rocky was released.

The summer of 1976 went down as one of the hottest on record. The temperature reached twenty two degrees for twenty eight days straight and there was even a drought in Yorkshire!

Concorde took off on its maiden flight and Ford released its new small car, the Ford Fiesta.

Babies born in 1976 that went on to become famous were:

Emma Bunton, Baby Spice of Spice Girls fame was born 21st January.

Reese Witherspoon, actress was born 22nd March.

Sir Chris Hoy, Olympian was born 23rd March and Benedict Cumberbatch, actor was born 19th July.

We managed to grab five minutes to ask the busy man a couple of questions-

Q. What’s the best thing about working at Tilly Bailey & Irvine?

A. I believe the firm has a very good working environment where the staff are valued and encouraged to reach their potential. The secret is to ensure that the atmosphere at work is neither too relaxed nor too strict. Whilst it is impossible to always strike the right balance I do believe we do so more often than most of our competitors.

Q. What’s your ideal day?

A. A game of golf in the morning followed by a home win for Sunderland in the afternoon. In the evening I would chose a pint of lager followed by a meal in one of my favourite restaurants.

Q. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A. I would’ve loved to have been a professional footballer.

Q. If you could go in a time machine where would you go?

A. If I could choose day it would be the FA Cup Final in 1973.

Lots of things have changed in the last forty years but John remains a constant for the firm and we would like to raise a virtual glass of fizz and congratulate him on his amazing achievements so far.

We feel sure that he will continue to lead from the front in our mission to stand out from the crowd and be the best law firm in the North East. If you'd like to find out a more about John you can read his profile here.