Employment Law Packages & Fixed Fees

Have you ever wanted to take legal advice on an employment matter, but your concerns about the potential high and uncertain cost of taking professional advice has put you off?

Here at Tilly Bailey & Irvine,  we offer a range of services for organisations of all sizes under the following packages, including fixed fees. Employment packages and fixed fees remove the uncertainty of legal fees and protects your business against spiralling costs in the event that you have any ongoing employment issues.


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We offer the following packages for employers:

1. Employment Law Retainer

If you would like an Employment Law Retainer then you can buy hours of time in advance at a discounted hourly rate, meaning you won’t be caught out and won’t be hit by any surprise legal costs. Available in 5 hour segments, this package can be invaluable and means you lose the “fear factor” for time spent speaking to, and receiving advice, from our specialist employment lawyers. At a cost of £750 plus VAT for each 5 hour segment, this gives peace of mind to employers.

2. HR Focus Employment Law Management

For £199 plus VAT every month you can access our lawyers, by email, telephone or in person making up to 60 contacts a year with our specialists. (Face to face meetings will be classed as 5 contacts, regardless of length). We will provide you with any advice and/or documentation you need to be confident that you are complying with your employment law obligations. Additional insurance to insure you against employment tribunal claims and pay outs can also be added to the package if required.

3. Pay As You Go

Obviously, you can use us as much or as little as you like on our traditional “time spent” basis at our competitive hourly rates. Here at Tilly Bailey & Irvine, you will get advice from commercially aware lawyers with significant experience gained in city firms across all sectors. We offer a city service without the city charge out rates.

4. Fixed Fees – We Are Able To Offer Fixed Fees For Specific Tasks Including:-

  • Contracts of Employment,
  •  Company Handbooks,
  •  Employment Tribunal representation for unfair dismissal,
  • Specific redundancy exercises,
  • Dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues,Dealing with employee dismissals.

5. Settlement Agreements (Previously Called Compromise Agreements)

Settlement Agreements are the only certain way of ensuring that you are not hit with costly employment tribunal proceedings by your employees. We can offer the preparation and completion of a settlement agreement which will then be legally binding to settle all claims against you at a low fixed price.