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Handbooks and policies can be a highly useful tool for your business.Our aim is to protect you, our clients and keep you fully compliant.

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A handbook should at least include the following essential policies :-

  • Equal Opportunities Policy - If proper training is given and the policy is monitored, such a policy can be a highly useful weapon in the armoury of your business in both preventing a discrimination or harassment claim, or defending such a claim should it arise.


  • Disciplinary & Grievance Policy -Your business is required to have a written policy on both of these. Unfair and constructive dismissal claims will arise out of poorly applied policies which are inconsistent with the ACAS Code of Practice, which is updated from time to time.  


  • Internet, Email & Telecommunications Policy - It is not legal to monitor such communications without a policy. Training should be provided on the policy and updated. Your business will, therefore, be able to prevent or restrict its employees from using your email, internet and telephone systems for personal use. Such uses can be set to a reasonable level over and above which your employees know they could be subject to disciplinary action.


  • Mobile Telephone & Company Vehicle Policy - Where necessary corresponding clauses can be added to the contract of employment of relevant employees. The policy may prevent your business being held liable for its employees who breach the law on the use of mobile telephones while operating their vehicles. The policy / contract can also deal with situations where a vehicle licence is lost and the relevant employee has a company vehicle.


  • Family Friendly Policies - Your business can set out reporting requirements in order that it may plan for the relevant leave such as maternity, paternity, shared parental leave and adoption leave.


  • Social Media Policies - Essential in this day and age, many employers wish to take action against staff for misuse of social media. It is always wise to set your parameters to maintain your hard-won reputation. 

We can also provide clients with a *free audit of your existing policies to ensure that you are compliant.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine’s Employment Team is available to discuss your enquiries and needs in relation to any contract policy or procedure and can assist in drafting all necessary documentation and provide your business with peace of mind.

*Audit available subject to the terms of our annual retainer