Tribunals & Litigation

Organisations, regardless of size or complexity, are all subjected to the same stringent employment regulation. Being hit by an employee bringing an Employment Tribunal claim can be terrifying for employers - and you want the best representation you can find to minimise your liability.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine have the capacity and the extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that you pay as little as possible in defending claims or in negotiating a settlement should you be hit by tribunal action. Our extensive knowledge in dealing with  employment tribunal cases ensures our clients are left satisfied with our levels of service, and have the full picture of what they should do.

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Our Employment Team will make a commercial assessment of your claim at an early stage, providing an accurate estimate of the likely costs of defending the claim and the likely cost of any settlement (if appropriate). In some cases, particularly unfair dismissal, we are able to offer a fixed fee either for the whole claim or different stages of the claim. This will enable you to take an informed commercial view of any claim.

In the Employment Tribunal we generally conduct our own advocacy, reducing the reliance upon barristers and potentially greater expense.  The added benefit is that the same individual will deal with your matter from start to finish.

We can help protect your business against such events occurring providing you and your business with peace of mind.