Professional Negligence

Professional negligence claims can come in many guises and include claims against accountants, architects, surveyors and solicitors.   

The common factor with all such claims is that the impact on you or your business is not only financial, but often emotional. You can feel let down by the very people who were supposed to assist and advise you, and upon whom you relied.  They owe you a duty of care, and if their advice or service falls short of the standard that is to be expected from a professional which you suffer loss as a result of, then you may have a claim against them for professional negligence.

Professional negligence is a specialist area of law, as the parties have to comply with a particular protocol which is set out the Civil Procedure Rules.  Often the defendants have professional indemnity insurance and, if so, it is the insurers’ solicitors who take over conduct of the case on behalf of the defendant.  They can be highly contested claims as, not only can there be significant sums of money at stake, but also the professional’s reputation. 

Our professional negligence team has a wealth of experience acting on behalf of claimants involving many different professional advisers. We are also accredited members of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA), a well renowned body in this area. With our numerous contacts within the local business community, we have access to experts who are able to assess your claim and provide expert evidence to support it if it proves necessary


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Recent examples of our cases include:

  • Successfully settled a claim against a firm of solicitors for failing to advise the claimants about lack of building regulation approval when purchasing a property
  • Claim against a firm of architects in relation to the negligent issuing of a Property Completion Certificate
  • Claim against a firm of solicitors in respect of a negligently drafted will
  • Advising a claimant in respect of a claim against a surveyor who failed to advise on the presence of wet rot in a property
  • Claim against a solicitor for diminution in value for failing to advise about the restrictive covenants on the property title prior to purchase
  • Claim against architects who failed to carry out project management of a building project
  • Successfully settled a claim against solicitors for failing to ensure the correct area of land was sold leaving the client with no access to remaining land

We are happy to discuss different funding options with you. Depending on the circumstances of your case and after initial investigations, we can advise you whether your claim may be suitable for us to act on a conditional fee agreement, more commonly known as “no win no fee”.  This will significantly reduce the upfront costs that you would have to pay to pursue your claim.

Many professional negligence claims are settled without the need for a contested hearing, either as a result of negotiation or formal mediation. Given the impact that such a dispute can have on a business, the relative speed and cost effectiveness of mediation when compared to litigation, makes it very suitable for disputes of this nature.