Mortgages Acting For Lenders Or Borrowers

Tilly Bailey & Irvine has considerable experience in acting on behalf of both lenders and borrowers and will advise you on the security requested by the lender and will do all that it can to ensure that funds are released when you need them.

Are you an owner/manager of a business subject to annual review of lending levels or overdraft limits? Are you or do you feel under pressure from your lender or financier? Tilly Bailey & Irvine can give you the advice which will enable your business to thrive and prosper by maximising your lending potential.


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Mortgages Acting for the Borrower

Are you intending to allow your property to be used as security for a loan to a business which you do not personally run (for example, one spouse’s or partner’s assets being used as security for the other spouse’s or partner’s business)? Tilly Bailey & Irvine can give you independent legal advice (known as Etridge advice) to ensure that you are aware of the implications and to satisfy the requirements of the lender.

We are often instructed by the land owner or purchaser and the lender in relation to the grant of security over property in order to raise large sums of capital. This involves a full investigation of title, completion of documentation and consideration of any building agreements and collateral warranties and can involve the preparation of complex deeds of priority when more than one lender is involved and registration of the security at Companies House and the Land Registry.

Mortgages Acting for Lenders

Are you a lender looking to protect your interests?

Tilly Bailey & Irvine has particular expertise in acting on behalf of lenders, including many of the major banks and financial institutions; perfecting their security and governing the priority of different lenders.

Not only does Tilly Bailey & Irvine advise on legal charges, it also advises on other forms of security such as debentures, guarantees and cross-guarantees in addition to preparing complex deeds of priority when required.

We won’t just advise you on problems with the security; we will suggest solutions and will advise you regarding the pros and cons of each course of action to enable to transaction to proceed whilst ensuring that you have effective security.

Tilly Bailey & Irvine also has a panel of experts who have received special training in relation to the giving of Etridge advice to manage the risk of your security being set aside on the grounds of undue influence.

If you are the owner or manager of a business and wish to invest monies in your business, Tilly Bailey & Irvine can advise as to the best means of achieving a properly protected investment.