IT & eCommerce

Software Licensing & Development

As a programmer or software developer, we can help ensure that your Intellectual Property is protected and exploited in the best way for you.  If you produce work for other businesses your coding may belong to them, even though you wish to later use part of it in a different and unconnected application.   Proper licensing will enable you to retain those rights whilst still giving your customer what they need.

 We also produce clear and effective licence documentation either for shrink-wrapped products or for specific clients.


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    Systems Development Contracts

    In addition to the key software licensing elements, to keep a project for a large bespoke system on track and on budget, the contract needs to contain strong project management provisions to ensure milestones are achieved, and that performance is measurable.  The specification is also very important and needs to be set within parameters which satisfy both parties.

    As a purchaser you may want to stage payments on successful completion of those milestones, with control over acceptance procedures, to ensure that you have an end product which works.  You will want coding held in escrow so that your bespoke system can continue to be supported if your supplier ceases to trade.  As a supplier, you need to ensure that you get all the information that you need from the client when required, that you are not subject to changes in specification which require additional work you cannot charge for or which delay milestone achievement, and that you are paid promptly.

    We have extensive experience in advising both developers and purchasers of bespoke and large scale IT systems, including back-office systems in retail, e-commerce and the service sector.

    Support, Maintenance & Disaster Recovery Contracts

    Who will look after your IT systems and fix any faults that your in-house team are unable to resolve? 

    What sort of turn around time and level of help do you need? 

    In a catastrophic event in which your premises an server were destroyed or put of action for a period of time, how would your business survive?

    A proper support and maintenance agreement should protect your position, and ensure that both sides get and give what is expected from them

    Disaster Recovery can take many forms from simply having your data servers backed up to a secure remote location, to being provided with new office facilities and all your IT systems and data being secured, allowing you to seamlessly continue trading.

    We can help guide you through the pitfalls and negotiate a level of cover which reflects a level of risk protection for your business with which you are comfortable.


    Website, E-mail & Smartphone App Legals

    If your business is trading online or via apps, legals will consist of a “terms of use”, which set out the basis on which people are allowed to view the website or app, covering matters like copyright protecting your content and anti-hacking provisions; and a privacy policy, which explains what you do with the personal information of viewers of the website, so as to comply with data protection law.

    If your website or smartphone app is used for online trade, in addition to the terms of use and the privacy policy, it will require a terms of sale, which sets out the legal terms which apply to any transactions.  Where consumers are involved, these will have to comply with the relevant consumer contract, distance selling, and e-commerce regulations, including the correct cancellation and returns policy for customers within the EU.  The website or app will need to be configured so as incorporate those terms of sale properly into the transaction.  If you trade outside the EU there will be other issues to cover off, particularly in respect of customs levies and fraud.

    We supply plain English suites of legals, bespoked to your business, for an agreed fixed fee.


    In addition to providing website legals, and advising on the correct website set-up, we are happy to advise on other matters which may arise in connection with trading online, in particular the proper compliance with the Distance Selling legislation, use of customer data, handling returns from the UK and abroad, and dealing with credit card companies claw-backs.