Start Ups & Business Structures

Tilly Bailey & Irvine can provide a ready made shelf company or a bespoke company tailored to your every need, including the drafting of a memorandum of association and articles of association and shareholders’ agreement. If you’re in a hurry we are able to incorporate a new company within 24 hours.

As part of our 'Start Up' service we will prepare the company statutory registers and offer guidance on their maintenance to assist you in ensuring the company complies with its statutory filing obligations.


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    We also offer our company secretarial and registered office service to help take away the statutory compliance burden allowing you to focus on driving the company forward to success and avoiding administrative paperwork.

    Private Limited Companies

    We can form and incorporate companies limited by guarantee or by shares. We will consider the needs of the business and advise you on the most appropriate form of company having considered the necessary commercial and legal issues that arise from Government requirements.

    Property Management Companies

    Working closely with our property development department we can form and incorporate property management companies to enable the efficient management and ownership of the common parts of any property development be it a block of flats and /or houses or a larger commercial property.

    We will give the necessary guidance and support to take the management company from incorporation through to its transfer to the occupiers.

    Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

     LLPs are available to all partnerships and Tilly Bailey & Irvine is experienced in offering the necessary advice to incorporate an LLP and enable a smooth transition between partnership and LLP. We can advise you on all aspects of incorporation and administrative requirements to comply with the most recent LLP legislation.

    Following incorporation it is advisable for the members of the LLP to enter into a members’ agreement to regulate the activities of the members in relation to the LLP business because the statutory position is not always the most appropriate model. We have the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide the members with sound legal advice as well as sensible commercial advice during the preparation process to ensure the LLP members’ agreement is both legally binding as well as commercially viable.

    Company Secretarial & Registered Office Services

    We can act as company secretary and / or a director of a company. By holding an office in a company we can be there to give first hand advice and assistance in the day to day running and administration of the company.

    As company secretary we will maintain the statutory registers of the company in accordance with up to date company legislation and ensure the necessary filings at Companies House are made accurately and within the statutory timescales.

    We can also assist with the preparation of the statutory forms for filing at Companies House and provide advice on preparing for and holding board meetings, the company’s annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings, members resolutions (ordinary, special and written) as well as preparing the minutes for such meetings.