Intellectual Property

If you’re running a business the chances are you’ve created, purchased or inherited intellectual property of one type or another. But is it protected? Have you considered the value of your brand and whether it's a process, product design or a logo but it is unique to you and your business and therefore needs to be protected.

This is an area of law that affects almost every company and Tilly Bailey & Irvine has a dedicated Intellectual Property Team who can provide specialist advice on this area of Law.


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Patents – advising on the protection and exploitation of innovative products and processes.

Trade marks – looking at the protection of brands such as corporate names and logos along with sub-brands for products and services. We can advise how your business can effectively exploi tits IP with through licensing and franchise agreements. Tilly Bailey & Irvine can obtain registered trade mark protection in the UK and Europe.

Designs – assisting you with the identification and protection of designs in your business, whether it is the design of a product, a fashion design, or indeed a logo.

Copyright – enabling you to identify and protect copyright material within your business such as software, web pages, brochures and adverts. We can advise on how to protect copyright materials from being copied and deal with the consequences when it does happen.

Confidential Information – assessing the risk of confidential information being leaked out of your business. Confidential information may consist of customer or supplier details, know-how or trade secrets. We can work with you to implement strategies to effectively manage those risks.

Smartphone Applications – does your business have or plan to introduce an “app” to market your products or services?  If so you’ll need to ensure that you have the rights to the content and associated links.  This is a new and developing area and many software programmers are not fully aware of the rights and ownership requirements of their clients. If you have an app you should call us for an initial free review to ensure that you’re covered.

In the event that there is any unauthorised use of your IP rights we can take immediate action to limit the damage caused to your business and where appropriate obtain compensation.

Let our  responsive and forward thinking Intellectual Property Team add value to your business.