Domestic Violence

Tilly Bailey & Irvine's Family Solicitors across the North East are here to support you every step of the way if you have been a victim of domestic violence.

For many years we have been and continue to be the leaders in advising and obtaining legal remedies for victims of domestic violence.  We have a dedicated Domestic Violence Team able to assist and advise you to take whatever legal action may be necessary to protect you and your children.

We work closely with local refuges and similar organisations such as Harbour and My Sisters Place who can provide advice, support and safety to domestic abuse victims.


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We want you to know that our years of experience in assisting domestic abuse victims counts for a lot. Reach out to us for help.

Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances on 0333 444 4422 or fill in our online enquiry form to speak to our family law solicitors and legal experts.