Who Needs To Make A Will & Why?

Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors has an experienced Wills, Taxes and Probate legal department across the north east, with solicitors in Hartlepool, Wynyard, Stockton-on-Tees and Barnard Castle.

We can provide a full range of services associated with planning, preparing and managing an individual’s estate. 

The process starts with a carefully drafted and agreed Will. Our team is very well experienced in all areas including inheritance law, tax and the risks associated with funding long term residential care. Our team will ensure that making a will is a straight forward process for you.

A Will is essential if you are:-

  • A house owner
  • A married couple
  • An unmarried couple
  • A parent
  • A carer 

Other Considerations

  • If you are married you need a Will to ensure that your spouse is fully provided for.
  • If you are not married but have a partner they will not benefit unless you make a Will.
  • If you are a parent you should appoint trustees and guardians for your children.
  • If you are a carer then you want to ensure your dependant relative is provided for.
  • You may wish to make a gift to step children or children from a previous relationship.
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We shouldn’t be too surprised that so few of us bother to make adequate plans for when we die but the points above do get you thinking about your circumstances don’t they? The reason why people usually put off thinking about making a Will is because who wants to think about their own passing? 

Our specialist probate solicitors can offer impartial, honest and caring advice on all aspects of making a Will in the UK and Tax Planning. Many people embark upon “do it yourself wills” without realising the problems making your own Will can lead to.

Added to this if you do not have a Will the Intestacy Rules offer little comfort.  Your property etc will be divided by rules made by Parliament.  These rules are mostly inflexible and all too often create another worry for your family at a time of bereavement and disruption at home.  Making a Will is therefore a way of making life easier for them. Where somebody dies intestate…

 (a) if a husband leaves everything to his wife in his Will, she gets it all whereas if they have children and he dies without making a Will, which is  called dying intestate, she may receive less and have the aggravation of delays.

(b) if there are step-children of a marriage, those children may effectively be disinherited.

(c) if you have no family, your property may simply pass to the State

If you don’t have a Will or have one that requires updating don’t put it off, call us today to make a quick and free appointment to review your situation. Don’t make your own  DIY Will --- it’s not worth the complications.

Call Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors on 0333 444 4422 to start the process of making a Will, setting up a Family Trust or discussing probate, estate and tax matters and take advantage of free initial advice.